Deposition Video

Setting the quality for deposition coverage with HD video, clean audio and with 24/7 customer service. We cover all parts of Southern California from San Diego, Orange County to Los Angeles.

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Video Conference

When distance and travel becomes a cost factors for a deposition, time and money can be saved by using a online video conference to connect the attorneys, deponents, court reporter and deposition videographer.

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More Video & Photo Services

We offer many different video service such as Deposition Video, Day in the Life of the client video, site inspection, Damage Surveys, Video Demonstration, Meetings, Interviews, Training, etc. We also provide corporate photography service.

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Since 1993

Our Integrity and Service

Our legal video specialists offers the highest quality video and audio for your court playback deposition video.  Legal video is an important part of the litigation process because it captures specific moments such as body language, emotions and reactions that cannot be captured in written testimonies.  Video depositions can be a factor in winning your case.

We also have online video conferencing service to connect you to your witness to anywhere in the world that has internet connection.

Some of the benefit of using a video deposition is to capture their testimony incase the witness isn't available to attend the hearing due to being ill or have other circumstances that blocked them from traveling far distance to the court hearing.

We have packages offering you speedy delivery as well. We cover the following areas: San Diego, Orange County, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Riverside, LAX, Los Angeles and all parts of Southern California.


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